Cpap Mask

Cpap Mask


Breeze Facial Comfort

The Breeze Facial Comfort Mask ensures simple mask adaptation for all patients and the quick coupler system’s headgear clips allow for easy fitting and removal of the mask.


Breeze Nasal Comfort

The Breeze Nasal Comfort Mask offers an innovative concept! The intuitive adjustment of the frontal support allows for optimal tensioning of the headgear. The quick attach clips allow for an optimal fit of the mask, while keeping settings as chosen. Set it once and forget it!



Breeze Nasal+

The Breeze Nasal+ Mask combine performance and efficiency due to its simplicity and lightness. Deep silicone bubble offers maximum comfort for patients with a prominent nose. 3 sizes of interchangeable forehead support tabs are supplied with the mask for optimum adjustment.




Breeze nasal

The setting up Breeze Nasal Mask it easy encourages and facilitates greater patient autonomy. His soft silicone cushion provides optimum comfort. His light and durable frame, it allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the silicone cushion and the frame assuring better hygiene.





Breeze Pillows Mask

The Breeze Pillows Mask has all the advantages to facilitate good night's sleep, allowing greater freedom of movement, while ensuring stability of the mask through the night. With minimal contact on the face, the Breeze Pillows Mask, offers a real sense of freedom.