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Fiskars® Softouch™ Scissors

  • All-purpose shears feature a safety lock and a spring-loaded handle.
  • Fiskars® Softouch™ Scissors are ergonomically designed.
  • Padded non-slip handles help reduce stress on hands.
  • Blades measure 4" (10cm) long.




Indispensable for tracing patterns on splinting materials.

  • SplintMarkers™ traced lines stay on thermoplastics, even when immersed in water.
  • Sold in a package of 12.


Fiskars® Rotary Cutter

Rolling action makes cutting clean, straight edges a breeze.

  • Fiskars® Rotary Cutter has a contoured loop handle that fits comfortably in the left or right hand. 
  • Available with a 1-3/4" blade.


90 Degree Wire Bender

Create perfect right-angle bends for outrigger wires.

  • The 90 Degree Wire Bender has cushioned vinyl grips to help eliminate stress on the hand.
  • Safety latch keeps the handles and jaws closed.



The Spatula is useful for safely lifting warm thermoplastics out of heating pans. Tapered edge decreases marks to the splint.


Revolving punch

  • Heavy Duty Revolving Punch Pliers are made of forged steel.
  • Use to punch holes for rivets and perforations.
  • Carbon steel cutting tubes are threaded for easy replacement.
  • Six tubes punch holes from 3/32" to 11/64" (2.4 to 4.4mm) in diameter. See Specs tab.
  • Holes can be punched up to 1-1/2" (3.8cm) from the edge of the material.
  • Replacement dies are available.



Gingher Scissors

  • Gingher Heavy Duty Scissors are chrome plated and durable.
  • Rounded tips provide extra safety.
  • Blades measure 3" (7.6cm) long.


Heat Gun

Adjustable temperature for controlled heating of thermoplastics.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design allows for superb balance and a comfortable grip.
  • Electronic, solid-state controller allows the easy selection and maintenance of any temperature from ambient to 1050°F (566°C).


Mobile Splint Station


Pliers - Cutting & Bending

  • A spring in the handle keeps Flat Nose Pliers open and ready for use. 
  • Great for gripping metal eyelets and hooks while splinting or embedding in warm thermoplastics.


Eyelet Punch

  • Heavy duty, all-purpose punch easily pierces splinting and strapping materials.

    • Samson® Punch requires minimal force to punch holes.
    • Easy-to-squeeze, spring-loaded handles.
    • Includes a 1/4" (6.4mm) die. Additional dies are sold separately.
    • Holes can be punched up to 1-1/2" (3.8cm) from the edge of the material.


Splint Pans

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