Velcro® Stretch Loop

Elastic loop provides even tension.

  • Nylon and rubber loop with soft edges.
  • Moderate resistance to stretch works well for securing splints and equipment.
  • Velcro® Stretch Loop provides a snug fit and secure closure.
  • Mates with all Velcro®-type hook strapping.
  • Latex free.

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Hook & Loop Kit

Hook & Loop Kit is ideal for a multipurpose clinic; this kit includes the basic strapping materials needed for occasional hand splinting. The kit contains:

  • Velcro® Loop: 1" x 10 yds. (2.5cm x 9.1m). Beige.
  • Velcro® Loop: 2" x 10 yds. (5.1cm x 9.1m). Beige.
  • Velcro® Sticky Back® Hook: 1" x 10 yds. (2.5cm x 9.1m). Beige. 
  • CushionStrap™.: 2" x 10 yds. (5.1cm x 9.1m). Beige.
  • Cotton Stockinette: 2" x 25 yds. (5.1cm x 23m).
  • EasyPull™ Adhesive Moleskin: 5/8" x 5 yds. (16mm x 4.6m).
  • Packaged in convenient dispenser boxes.


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Cotton Stockinette

Economical stockinette wicks away perspiration to help reduce skin irritation.

  • Made of absorbent, unbleached, knitted cotton.
  • Use as a removable, washable liner under splints or orthoses.
  • Cotton Stockinette reduces perspiration buildup under orthoses.
  • Stretches up to four times its normal width to conform to the body.
  • Sold in a convenient dispenser box.
  • Latex free.

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Outrigger Wire

Create custom coil springsand outriggers.

• 15 gauge Stainless Steel Spring Wire.
• Sold in 16 yd. (15m) rolls.

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Easy-Pull™ Moleskin

Easy-to-remove backing for quick application.

  • Easy-Pull™ Moleskin is made of 100% napped cotton.
  • Use to line splints, fabricate custom finger cuffs, and reduce skin friction against the splints.
  • Low-tack backing is easy to remove and replace.
  • Clean with a damp sponge and air dry.

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Pressure Garment

Apply conforming pressure to the hand, wrist or arm.

These Pressure Packs contain natural buckwheat hulls for soft, conforming pressure over a variety of skin contours. Latex free. Available in five shapes: Dorsal Hand (used in Pocket Gloves), Oval, Kidney, Arm (Square) and Arm (Rounded). Pressure Packs are not suitable for washing. To size the Arm Pressure Packs, measure width at the widest point of the arm.


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Silipos® Gel Squares

Silipos gel sheets offer unequaled pressure relief and skin softening

This 4 inch (10cm) square makes a good padding alternative. Made entirely of Silipos® gel that is designed to protect, cushion, soften, and moisturize the skin. Contains medical-grade mineral oil and no silicone. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
Use to help reduce abrasions, shear forces and potential skin breakdown. Can be used on a diabetic insensitive foot or as an interface between the skin and orthotics or hand splints for comfort. Adhesive backing is ideal for lining thermoplastic splints.

 Available as an all gel square or a gel square with a self adhesive backing. Cut the 3mm thick gel square to size. Can be trimmed with scissors.


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