Arnica Rub

Hypoallergenic – non irritant
with Lavender  essence

Acupuncture Needles

The benchmark is set  – Japanese stainless steel wire silicon coated – super sharp and painless
13mm x 0.22mm
25mm x 0.25mm
30mm x 0.30mm
40mm x 0.30mm
50mm x 0.30mm
50mm x 0.35mm
75mm x 0.35mm


Kinematics – Tex  Sports Elastic Tape

known as Kinesiology Tape

The World leader in quality taping – SPOL – South Korea

  •  5m x5cm  (10 colors available)
  •  16m x 5cm  ( 9 colors available)
  •  5m x 7.5cm  ( beige only)

SPT Rigid Strapping Tape

Rigid strapping tape containing hypoallergenic adhesive to help reduce the risk of skin allergic reaction.

Superb quality – extremely strong zinc oxide glue



sterilizing liquid
plastic friendly
low chlorine content



Ultrasound Gel

5L  clear  in a bag with tap
or in 5 L canister
( blue color on request only)